'I am still a follower of Osho'  

Transcript of a live chat with actor-politician, Vinod Khanna.

Q: What prompted you once to become Swami Vinodananda and then subsequenthy come back to films? Was it existentialism?
V.K. My sanyas name is Swami Vinod Bharti and my journey with my guru was most fruitful. I am still a follower of Osho and my coming back to films was only because I had to become financially sound. I had finished with the journey with my guru and there was no need for me to remain in the ashram.

Q: In a recent interview your son Akshay said that he likes Kareena Kapoor, are you opposed to this?
V.K.I do not influence my children at all about who they should like.

Q: Is it that you have become a BJP MP because your arch rival Rajesh and Amitabh both joined the Congress?
V.K. If BJP was a communal party I assure you I would never be a part of it. For a long time before I came into politics, I used to very carefully listen to Vajpayeji and Advaniji and also read manifestos of all the parties. I have conciously chosen the BJP because I found the party to be different and people in the party committed to to the development of this nation, which was neglected for the last 50 years. I was never inspired by either of these actors you mentioned.

Q; What do you think should be done in Kashmir? Do you think Pakistan should be asked to come for a dialogue?
V.K. I don't think so. Kashmir is an integral part of India and we should resolve it through the dialouge with the people of Kashmir.

Q; You worked with Madhuri in Dayavan and your son with her in Mohabbat, how does it feel?
V.K. I enjoyed working with Madhuri very much. She is a great actress, though I definitely felt that she looked a little older than Akshaye, but Akshaye did enjoy working with her.

Q; Where is Rahul these days?
V.K. Rahul is in New York, he just finished working in a Hollywood film in which he has a small part. But he enjoyed working in it. He also did a play in New york which was East is East which ran very succesfully. He is due to come to India very shortly to consider some films here.

Q: Which is your all time favourite movie in which you have acted and otherwise/ Who are your favourite stars? Whom do you idolise?
V.K. You grow as an actor after every film. So, I can't say I had any favourites. I did enjoy working with directors like Gulzar, Prakash Mehra, Mahmohan Desai, Raj Khosla, Feroz Khan who made some wonderful films with me. My all time favourite movie is Mughal-e-Azam. And I was a great fan of Shri Dilip Kumar and Marlon Brando.

Q: What is your opinion about the current day films as compared to the films of your time? Have they shown any significant improvement since your times?
V.K. The current day films are technically much superior in every department. I don't see too many films these days but the ones I have seen like Vaastav, Taal, and few others I have enjoyed very much. The feedback I get from people is that your generation films had more content as far as story line goes.

Q:You have two sons who are both stars. As a father whom will you consider as more promising?
V.K.Both have established a niche for themselves. Rahul is more inclined to the parallel cinema and Akshaye can fit into any kind of character.

Q;Rahul was awesome in Earth.Did you like it?
V.K. I agree with you that Rahul was awesome. Since I am an actor< I don't emote when watching a film.

Q; What do you think of the controversy in the Rajneesh ashram?
V.K. The fact that the copyright of all Osho's work has been taken out of this country by handful of disciples who are claiming his legacy is not acceptable. Even his paintings have been dubiously smuggled out of the country. They are even trying to copyright his meditation techniques and have recently lost a case which challanged their registering Osho as a world wide patent. This is the first blow to them and I am sure soon the copyright will come back to its right palace which is his ashram in Pune.

Q: How would you like to contribute to India's progress?
V.K. I think if all of us MPs carry out all the schemes of the Govt of India in our constituencies,we will see rapid progress in all areas of development and infrastructure.

Q: Do you like all the Hindus of the world?
V.K. Why only Hindus, I love the entire humanity. Don't forget, I am a Swami.



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